Welcome to The Coopetto

The Coopetto Bicycle Shop based Sandton, Gauteng, Johannesburg, offering top-quality services for all bike brands, bicycle sales, and personalized coaching programs.

With a team of experienced professionals, The Coopetto Bicycle Shop provides comprehensive maintenance and repairs, ensuring every cyclist’s ride is smooth and safe.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, The Coopetto Bicycle Shop is dedicated to helping you achieve your cycling goals with expert guidance and a wide selection of premium bicycles.


Tier 1 - Dream It

  • Consultation from your coach
  • Person history run through
  • Past Training run through
  • Goal setting
  • Fitness testing to determine power training, and zones
  • Monthly Personalized training
  • One athlete-initiated review per month, up to 30 minutes (via phone calls, online meetings)

Tier 2 - Build It

  • All the basic fundimentals from Tier 1
  • Personalized training program loaded once a week.
  • Free premium Training Peaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  • Functional / Strength / Core / Running workouts included in the program
  • Training plan reviews via phone calls, and online meetings.
  • Two athlete-initiated reviews per month, up to 30 minutes each

Tier 3 - Grow It

  • All the Basic Fundimentals from Tier 2
  • Unlimited training plan reviews via email, phone calls, and online meetings.
  • Unlimited athlete-initiated review calls per month
  • Unlimited emails / SMSs / WhatsApps per month (answered within 48 hours)

Custom Bike Builds

Custom Mountain Bikes

Custom mountain bike builds provide personalized customization for riders to match individual preferences and riding styles.

The flexibility to choose components like frames, suspension, drivetrain, and brakes allows for tailored performance and aesthetics.

This leads to a more comfortable and efficient riding experience, creating a unique bike that stands out from mass-produced models.

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May 31 - June 2

Cape Pioneer 2024

October 1 - October 5